Re: Netatalk on Alpha Linux

Robert G. Smith (
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 09:18:59 -0500

> Scott D. Webster wrote:
> > David T. Witkowski wrote:
> > I recently attempted to compile Netatalk on an AlphaStation 200 running
> > 2.0.18 (RedHat 4.0) Linux. The compile failed when attempting to make a
> > component called "afpd". Has anyone else had similar results? If so, are
> > there other AppleTalk solutions which will work on these systems?
> Does AppleTalk actually work on the Alphas? I though I heard it didn't.
Have had Netatalk going on an eb164 for several months; it seems
to work fine. Don't remember any trouble compiling, but maybe
you have to tweak the Makefile or go to a different subdir to get
"afpd" to compile. It was compiled on RH3 COFF system but I
wouldn't expect much difference in ELF.

Rob Smith

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