Re: UDB 3.5" mounting bracket

Eric Smith (
16 Nov 1996 05:59:23 -0000

Adam Forsyth <> wrote:
> I just got my 3.5inch drive and controler card for my UDB, and tonight I
> was wondering that very same question. All looks well, as far as the
> connections go, but there is no way i can mount the 3.5 inch drive in
> the same bracket the 2.5 inch drive came out of.
> For now I have it sitting on the flopy drive with the motherboard out of
> the case.

Unfortunately I can't help you with the bracket. But I do have one word of
warning: don't run the UDB motherboard out of the box. The CPU will not
get enough airflow to stay within the rated temperature specifications.

I'm using external 3.5 inch drives on my units.


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