Re: Red Hat vs Craftworks Linux AXP

Brian Walters (
Fri, 15 Nov 96 11:57:50 -0500

>> The one thing I do like is shadowed passwords works very well, and comes
>> "built in" to craftworks. Redhat comes with a lot more packages, and
>> seems to have more free support, at least from the lists.
> ^^^^
> |
> |____``no''
>I think you spelled ``no'' wrong in that sentence. I've sent mail to
>them twice for help (and YES I gave them my support number and
>registered both online and via the registration card). I'm not sure I'd
>ever do business with them again, and in fact might go with

Ha ha ha ha ha he he he he(falling over with laughter)....Well everyone
is enitled to thier opion (and mistakes) but when I tried using
craftworks they couldn't even help me with a networking problem I was
having and finally refunded my money because they couldn't give me the
support I needed, something about the Lead Engineer leaving with all the
doc or such. We all have our opions and experiences. This is mine so
that's why I use Redhat. It worked the first time right out if the box.

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