Re: Jensen First install AXP150

Thomas Kuerten (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 19:21:29 +0100

> > I do not have the CDROM so I wanted to install via network.
> > but when I try choose ANY ethernet card (NE2000, DE450, etc)
> > I get the error:
> >
> > "I cannot run /bin/insmod: no such file or directory"
> The Jensen kernel on has NE2000 and WD80*3 compiled in, maybe
> SMC ULTRA, too, so you don't need to load a module there, but definitely not
> any DE4* driver since I had no confirmation that this works.
> > Doesnt anyone install from the net anymore and therefore
> > is /bin/insmod not on the ramdisk root device ?

Hello Martin and Michael !

I finally got it to work.
What I needed were the bootlx.aboot and lxboot.aboot from, combined it with the file "jensen.gz" from
the RedHat distribution, and took the "ramdisk.img" from
the redhat distribution, too.
That booted for me and got me into the situation, where my
DE422 got recognized.

The only way to install over the network then was NFS, the FTP
support is really a pain in the a**, sorry RedHat folks,
but that is unacceptable !
(At least, one could be asked for a password, before only
accepting anonymous full control logins...)

So, I still have some problems, but I have to read some manuals
first, too, so maybe I'll find helps there how to make the boot
more automatic (It does "boot -fl "1" " by itself, but then
gets me promptet at the aboot) and how to find some
XServer for my Compaq QVision graphics card, that digital
sold with the Jensen that former days....

Thanks for the Help,
and maybe I could give anyone a hint how to set it up correctly,
Its really a pain havig to collect these things from various places
and combine them randomly, before you get something to work...


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