Re: Jensen First install AXP150

Thomas Kuerten (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 19:28:32 +0100

> (Thomas Kuerten) writes:
> > I have a Jensen (AXP150) with DE422 Ethernet card.
> [..]
> > The question I now have is: which ramdisk shall I use ?
> > I tried the RedHat distribution "ramdisk.img"
> > and also the one from the update directory,
> > and both seemed to work. I get the start screen
> > of RedHat installation and get to the point where
> The ramdisk.img from the upgrade directory should be fine. I think
> some glitches concerning the FTP install have been fixed there.

Yes, this one is the one to be. Works as ramdisk fine.

> > I then tried another ramdisk from the RedHat archive,
> > I tried "jensen.img" but that even failed to start the
> > Installation window....
> I believe you need that one as the 'pseudo boot disk', to keep
> the installation script happy. It copies the kernel from it.

Ahhhhh !
oh my dear, I put in the "pseudo bootdisk"
from azstarnet, thats why it all failed then afterward, when I was
nearly complete... arrgh.

Perhaps I will write a howto, this things cluttered all over the ftp
servers is really difficult. Could not someone put all the
files needed in one directory, and give some explanations
what all the ".img" files are for ?
hmmm. well.

and yes, I DID read all RedHat manuals I could before, and I also
read all from Michael and Martin from their WWW pages, that
confused me a little bit altogether ;-(

> I guess, it was simply forgotten. Since you're the second one in
> a short period of time, I decided to build a generic jensen kernel
> on my own -- you can grap it from my home page. It includes support
> for the SMC-Ultra (which I use :-)), DE422, and NE1000/2000. I hope
> the detection routines will not crash in this combination.
> Please mail me either if you were lucky with it or not.

Sorry that you made the work for nothing, as the jensen.gz kernel on
redhat did already include the DE422.
I was lucky, but you were fast, thanks anyway ! (at least you
had helped me one day later ;-) )


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