A few comments on RH 4.0

Laurent Bartholdi (Laurent.Bartholdi@obs.unige.ch)
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 15:55:15 +0100

I purchased an alpha PC164 and managed to cure most of its
youth diseases, except:

-- I couldn't compile xview/openwindows. The problem seems to
stem from a somewhat unorthodox vararg handling. I tried the
3.2p1 source tree. Is there anything better?

-- The srand48(3) libraries seem not to return 48-bit values,
but rather 16-bit random integers.

-- The mtools(1) package segfaults.

-- The getpwent/getpwuid/getpwname(3) etc. seem not to work. They
are required by the ml(1) X11 mail program, which I compiled
(and tested) with Digital Unix and tried to run under Linux.

-- playmidi has a similar problem.

-- interrupts coming from ISA cards seem not to be reported
correctly. If for instance I flood the serial port interrupts
are shown appropriately in /proc/interrupts, but a few minutes
later they disappear from this file.

-- I run in syslevel 5 (X11), with 'xdm -nodaemon' started by init.
If I shut down the login manager (with ^R) and attempt to
kill xdm, the screen goes crazy and I have to reboot.

In one word, RH4.0 is great, but there seem to be many problems
and edges to smooth out. Has anything been done in this direction?

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