Re: Red Hat vs Craftworks Linux AXP

Stephen J. Gaudet (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 09:55:58 -0500 (EST)


>>We just received our copy of Craftworks. And just so you know as
>>"delivered" it will not support PC164 nor the Adaptec 2940UW. There are
>>some problems involved and we will report them to Craftworks.
>>However, we now have it running on a PC164-500Mhz with Adaptec 2940UW
>>running a UW 2Gb disk but there is some major work involved.
>We received DCG's technician's phone call for technical support this am and
>walked him through the necessary steps to reconfigure the system to the
>PC164. DCG ordered an EB164 version of the distribution, so they needed to
>do some minor work to install it on the PC164. The Adaptec 2940UW is a
>standard driver in all of our 2.0.23 kernels. We have heard of some
>possible problems with the Adaptec driver in the 2.0.23 kernel and will be
>moving to the 2.0.25 as soon as our internal QA group finishes it's testing.

I have to correct you here Nicole when you imply Bill didn't have the system
running which he did. However, without your milo, linload, source tree and
kernel. Bill used a custom one that he built 2.0.25, that not only will
support your Craftworks package but Red Hat's 4.0 with Ultra Wide support.

Nicole, is correct in saying Bill Nihan my tech called and had problems with
the X server video portion because it didn't load. Craftworks did in fact
help get this going for us.

However, Bill loaded the system and made all the nessary changes to get it
to load on his own without Craftwork's help. Now I'll admit Craftworks does
not have a PC164 system to test on. However, Red Hat does not have one either.

Furthermore, we had to order EB164 version because you don't have a version
for the PC164...yet. Plus, Bill told Craftworks how we got this running.
So please be fair on this and give credit where credit is do.

Craftworks as do Red Hat put out a fine product. However, I would like to
see the correct people get the recognition they deserve, Jim Paradis(who
started the Alpha port), Jay Estabrook, Andy Reibs, David Rusling, Rich
Groton, David Mosberger-Tang, Erik Troan, Laurie Hunter, Jon "Maddog" Hall
and others who have made this port successful and write the drivers that
everyone uses.

THESE are the people that made it happen. In addition, Red Hat deserves
credit for taking on this port with Digital when no one else would.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'd also like to point out that the Adaptec 2940UW driver was a combined
effort of Jay Estabrook, David Mosberger and David Rusling. There are I'm
sure more that helped but these are the key players.

All those that now enjoy the rewards of larger than 2Gb disks on their Alpha
systems can do so because of David Mosberger's patches and Jay Estabrook who
did some early on testing.

I owe Jay E. a dinner on this one!

As I mentioned earlier both packages are GREAT and we support both.
Furthermore, if you want to see both run in a side by side comparison on
Alpha come see us at Comdex in the Sands booth S8218 running on a 500Mhz
system with UltraWide support and QUAKE.


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