3.0.3 on Durango: some problems solved

geerten kuiper (geerten@bart.nl)
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 14:56:29 +0100 (MET)


I wrote:
>Yesterday I finally put together my new hardware, and installed RedHat
3.0.3 (using a PC164 >kernel from 4.0, and apropriately new MILO/LinLoad:
thanks to Wolfgang Dreyer). Only >problem during install was, I had to do
mke2fs from the second VC by hand.
>So now I've got it running, but some problems/oddities are remaining.
>- the firmware clock had not updated the date this morning. Time seems to
be OK though.

This hasn't happened again, I guess I just set it up wrong on the first day.

>- MILO complains about not detecting the NVRAM. (I do not know if this is a

No it isn't.

>- Mouse: Firmware sees a serial mouse on COM2, which is correct. Kernel
claims it sees a >PS/2 mouse, which is not correct. In the XF86Config I set
up the serial mouse, but it >doesn't work: when I move it the pointer stays
in place for a while (many seconds, maybe a >minute) then suddenly jumps to
a new position. I have tried replacing the mouse, but to no >avail.

This one was solved when I realised one of my older mice could double as a
PS/2 device. Warning for other PC164/Durango buyers though: serial mice will
not work.

>- Ethernet: I have an ACCTON NE2000-clone in one of the ISA slots, and the
kernel should >see it as "eth0: NE2000 found at 0x300, using IRQ 5." It
does, but only occasionally (one >time out of five or worse) The other times
it says "NE*000 ethercard probe at 0x300: failed >to detect IRQ line."
>I have two of those cards, both work fine in the Pentium, both fail in the
Alpha, so I >guess there's nothing wrong with the card itself.

Someone (Wolfgang Dreyer) suggested I get another card, and I guess I will.
However, I'll just wait until I've got Win NT installed (linload + milo is
not enough to fill a 1Gb partition anyway ;-)) and see if it has the same
problem. If it does not, I might try a little hacking.

>- There are some other things that work sometimes, but more often do not:
>Ctrl-Alt-Del or "shutdown -r now" may cycle through MILO and reboot, but
usually hangs.

This almost never hangs anymore, thanks to an even newer MILO.

>"date" may show the right date, but usually does not. (even after setting
CLOCKMODE="ARC") >(it is consistent from boot to shutdown.)

Solved by Jay Estabrook. Thanks.

>- Doing "time" will get the Elapsed time wrong. (I believe this one has
been on the list >before.)

I've been promised that this one will be solved after upgrading to RedHat
4.0. I will do so as soon as possible.

Many thanks to all of you. Maybe, having my own system now, I may be able to
help some of you some day.


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