cdwrite-2.0 patches for axp

Zarmfab Software Development (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 14:44:16 +0100

This is my patch to get cdwrite-2.0 to build and run under linux-axp.
(redhat-4.0, kernel 2.0.25 with axp-diffs-21)

The essential line in the patch is the change of the timeout,
which was computed as 10 * 60 *100 in the original source.
This is correct under linux-i386, with HZ=100. With linux-axp,
HZ is 1024, so cdwrite caused scsi-timeouts while fixating the cd.
The correct coding is to use HZ from asm/param.h.

All other lines in the patch are related to the inconsistency between
kernel-headers and glibc-headers and should not be needed if the
kernel-source has not been patched with the axp-diffs.

Martin Cornelius, ZARMFAB software development, University of Bremen
phone: 49-421-218-4807    FAX: 49-421-218-3889
paper-mail: Hochschulring / Am Fallturm, 28359 BREMEN, Germany

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