Re: Jensen First install AXP150

Michael Schwingen (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 13:00:07 +0100 (MET)

> I do not have the CDROM so I wanted to install via network.
> but when I try choose ANY ethernet card (NE2000, DE450, etc)
> I get the error:
> "I cannot run /bin/insmod: no such file or directory"

The Jensen kernel on has NE2000 and WD80*3 compiled in, maybe
SMC ULTRA, too, so you don't need to load a module there, but definitely not
any DE4* driver since I had no confirmation that this works.

> Doesnt anyone install from the net anymore and therefore
> is /bin/insmod not on the ramdisk root device ?

I did several times, and it works fine - however, my kernel has everything

Please check if Martin Ostermann's kernel works for you, so that I can then
include support for your card in the kernel on azstarnet.


Michael Schwingen                       <>
Institut fuer Statistik und Wirtschaftsmathematik, | In the beginning there was
Wuellnerstr. 3, 52056 Aachen                       | nothing, which exploded.

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