[Fwd: VGA Console and Kernel 2.1.x]

Ulrich Kallenbach (kallenbach@ike.uni-stuttgart.de)
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 12:24:22 +0100

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I'm upgrading to kernel 2.1.8 on a EB64+ with
S3Trio64 graphics. milo from gatekeeper date SEPT
6, 1996.

Kernel compiles without errors (some minor
warnings, however). The problem now is that I
cannot find any support for VGA-style consoles.
Only TGA support seems present. I' ve added
CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE=y to .config, but this did not
change the problem: after unpacking the kernel
(during boot) disk activity continues (I guess
boot process continues normally) but the screen
stays black.

Has anyone had the same problem? What am I doing

Oops, by the way, I've applied axp-diffs-2.1.1
(patch -p1)

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