Re: Jensen First install AXP150

Martin Ostermann (
15 Nov 1996 11:22:33 +0100 (Thomas Kuerten) writes:
> I have a Jensen (AXP150) with DE422 Ethernet card.
> The question I now have is: which ramdisk shall I use ?
> I tried the RedHat distribution "ramdisk.img"
> and also the one from the update directory,
> and both seemed to work. I get the start screen
> of RedHat installation and get to the point where

The ramdisk.img from the upgrade directory should be fine. I think
some glitches concerning the FTP install have been fixed there.

> I then tried another ramdisk from the RedHat archive,
> I tried "jensen.img" but that even failed to start the
> Installation window....

I believe you need that one as the 'pseudo boot disk', to keep
the installation script happy. It copies the kernel from it.

> And why is there no support for the Ethernet already in the kernel
> or why does Redhat not recognize that ?

I guess, it was simply forgotten. Since you're the second one in
a short period of time, I decided to build a generic jensen kernel
on my own -- you can grap it from my home page. It includes support
for the SMC-Ultra (which I use :-)), DE422, and NE1000/2000. I hope
the detection routines will not crash in this combination.

Please mail me either if you were lucky with it or not.

Good luck, Martin

Martin Ostermann                |
Communication Networks          |
Aachen University of Technology | phoneto:++49/241/807917
Germany                         | faxto:++49/241/8890378

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