UDB166 and 2.0.25 and axpdiff 2.0.21 solved, another problem

Fri, 15 Nov 1996 09:05:18 +0100

>I did changes that Jay suggested.
>When i boot 2.0.25, i get error at activating eth0:
>eth0: enabling 10bt
>eth0: enabling aui
>eth0: enabling bnc
>eth0: enabling unknown type
>eth0: enabling 10bt
>eth0: enabling aui
>and so on in cycle.
>I had heard sg. about tulip patches. Do i need it?

OK! It works now in this configuration:

Another question.
At boot time kernel writes, that hostname is: chaos
Is this good?

The /etc/HOSTNAME contains chaos.szeg.matav.hu
The /etc/sysconfig/network contains HOSTNAME=chaos DOMAINNAME=szeg.matav.hu

But when i send a letter to my another host, i get it as
root@panic.szeg.matav.hu instead of root@chaos...
The DNS zone file contains name chaos, and not panic.

Where could be a problem?

At compilation time i got a lot of warnings. Is this normal? If anyone wants
the warning list, i can send it. It is a list of 140 line, not too long.

Anyone already configured out ppp callback?


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