Re: Red Hat vs Craftworks Linux AXP

Nicole Martinez (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:49:27 -0800

Steve Gaudet of DCG wrote:

>We just received our copy of Craftworks. And just so you know as
>"delivered" it will not support PC164 nor the Adaptec 2940UW. There are
>some problems involved and we will report them to Craftworks.
>However, we now have it running on a PC164-500Mhz with Adaptec 2940UW
>running a UW 2Gb disk but there is some major work involved.

We received DCG's technician's phone call for technical support this am and
walked him through the necessary steps to reconfigure the system to the
PC164. DCG ordered an EB164 version of the distribution, so they needed to
do some minor work to install it on the PC164. The Adaptec 2940UW is a
standard driver in all of our 2.0.23 kernels. We have heard of some
possible problems with the Adaptec driver in the 2.0.23 kernel and will be
moving to the 2.0.25 as soon as our internal QA group finishes it's testing.

Craftworks is committed to providing unmatched personal service even if you
order a non-Craftworks product!

Thanks for your time.

Nicole Martinez
Craftwork Solutions, Inc.

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