Re: RH4.0 pc164 Clock
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 10:54:18 -0500

>>> Johan Grape said:
> the culprit is /sbin/clock which reports mostly this
> time and also several other varietiess.

I'm not sure the software is the culprit; this is on a PC164/Durango,
right? This is a known problem with no (current) workaround... :-(

> If I try to update the time using timetool, it
> completely trashes the clock setting in NVRAM or CMOS
> or wherever.

DO NOT USE TIMETOOL, unless you're booting from SRM console. It does not
attempt to keep ARC console time properly.

> I've tried clock -A and -J to see if these would get it right,
> but this gets it wronger.

If you're booting from ARC console, the -A is always required, for reading
and writing. Otherwise, you'll read t6he wrong time, or the ARC console will
complain about the clock setting.

> Anyone have a fix?

I'm looking into it...


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