Re: Install problems on AXPpci33

Oliver Junge (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 15:37:13 +0100 (MET)

On Thu, 14 Nov 1996, Bas Kelderman wrote:

> I am new to installing Linux on an Alpha machine and I am having a lot of
> problems starting the installation on an AXPpci33.
> I am using RedHat 3.0.3 and a 4.3Gb Quantum Atlas SCSI drive. The machine
> has 64Mb and an S3 compatible display adapter. I get as far as a milo
> prompt I then enter "boot fd0:vmlinux.gz root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1" and
> insert the bootkernel (allright, I insert the bootdisk and then press
> enter) , I think this is where the problem is, WHAT bootdisk / kernel
> whatever should I use & where can I find it?

Hi Bas,

I had similar problems. My suggestion: try to find a RedHat 4.0 ftp
archive. There should be a subdirectory called "images", for exmaple

Make two floppies:
1. The bootdisk: you have to choose the right image for your system.
I am using a UDB, so I chose noname.img. The kernel (vmlinux.gz)
will be on this floppy..
2. The ramdisk: Make a dump of ramdisk.img on the second floppy.

Note: you have to use dd on a Unix system or rawrite.exe on a DOS system
to make these floppy images.

Now the above tried procedure should work. Good luck !


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