Re: Red Hat vs Craftworks Linux AXP

David A Rusling (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 09:20:47 +0000

No comment on Red Hat versus Craftworks per se but as I produced the MILOs that are
in Red Hat's releases then I do feel a little guilty that they do not include support
for the Adaptec 2940UW. The reason was that the driver was not stable at the time,
the reason that the 'official' MILO images on gatekeeper do not have the 2940 support
in them now is that I have no hardware to test with. For stable releases I test as
much hardware as I can (otherwise I get a LOT of mail). If anyone would care to drop
me a 2940 in the post then I'll gladly start including it's driver in MILO...


David A Rusling Principal Engineer
European Semiconductor Applications Digital Equipment Co Ltd.,
Engineering PO Box 121,
Imperial Way,
Worton Grange
Reading RG2 0TU
Linux, Alpha, StrongArm, PCI Tel: UK-(0)1734-204380
Fax: UK-(0)1734-203133

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