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David Morton (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 18:08:44 -0800

At 11:28 PM 11/12/96 -0600, you wrote:
>> Would anyone care to comment on Red Hat vs Craftworks Linux
>> running on an DEC UDB (166MHz)?
>As for the performance of Craftworks Linux, I would not know...
>You see, I ordered it from Craftworks soon after they released it
>and had them send it next day air-- I thought. I called the next day
>to confirm that he order would indeed be shipped. Everyone there was
>very pleasent and said that it would be at my house in the morning or early
>afternoon. Two days later, I called and inquired as to the whereabouts of my
>operating system. A sales associate informed me that they had been having
>some problems with the production of the Alpha CDs. She said that it would
>definately be sent in two days. I was starting to get a little anxious
>about my business being held up for the past week, but no longer felt like
>paying extra for next day service when I would not get the next day. She
>changed my order to be sent ground (what's another two days?). Four days
>later, I was expecting the box with eager anticipation. Three more days
>later, I was still expecting the box with eager anticipation. I called.
>The sales associate told me that Craftworks was not sending any out at the
>current time. "The only thing I can do is have a representative call you
>when we ship it to you.", she said. I reluctantly said alright. I waited
>another week (meanwhile running a _BETA_ NT ARGHHHH!) They finally called!
>I was so happy.I asked if there was any way that they could send it out next
>day air at no extra charge since I had been waiting so long. The sales rep
>said that he was not authorized to do that and if I was dissatisfied, I could
>still cancel my order. I said to go ahead and send it by ground. He
>cheerfully said that it would definately be going out Today! (Hooray!)
>I waited five more days. I called. The sales rep said that Craftworks
>was not sending any out at that time and the only thing she could do for me
>was to have someone call when they were ready to ship. I told her the whole
>story. I asked her what we could do to remedy my problem. She told me that
>she would be happy to cancel my order and credit back my Mastercard. I said I
>still wanted the CD. She said she would be happy to cancel my order. "But I
>still want the CD.", I said. She stated that Red Hat also sold AXP Linux, she
>suggested I call them. She informed me that she was cancelling my order and
>hung up on me. I called back, was told that I would have to place my order
>again, and that those people who had been waiting the longest would have to be
>served first. I said "Thank You Very much, you have been soooo helpful".
>She hung up.
>-Anybody else have this problem? I was so patient, and I still wanted to hurt
>the people over there!
>- I then called and ordered Red Hat 4.0. I'm happy now. End of story.
>I would NOT recomend ordering from Craftworks if you want to keep your sanity.
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Same story, almost, as mine. Only difference is my order was placed with Redhat.
Nowhere on the website does it tell one that Adaptec 2940UW SCSI controllers
are not supported, you have to read the manual to find that out.Consequently
I could not install the system.

I registered the product and sent a request for tech. support 10/30/96.
Response was "will be answered as soon as possible, probably in 4 to 5 days"
I am still waiting!!

Craftworks e-mailed me 11/12/96 that they are shipping their CD which does
support 2940UW's and PC164's.
They are having a special for Comdex.

I'll try their CD and if IT works and Redhat don't bother to support their
product they can have it back.

David Morton


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