Milo on pc164

Robert Williams (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 16:56:32 -0500

1. I've loaded MILO from
and it behaves as follows:

MILO> O> O> O> O> O> O> O> O> ...etc... for more than 90 "O>" repeats

When I type a command, such as "help", I get:

MILO: unknown command, try typing Help
MILO> O> O> O> O> O> O> O> ...etc...

Has anyone seen this, and what is the solution?

2. I see that this is a MILO for kernal 2.0.12.
If the above problem can be solved, can this MILO
be used to boot and install RedHat Linux 4.0
as it now stands? Is there a MILO at
that might be more appropriate?

from Bob Williams,

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