UDB doesn't recognize my external scsi hard drive

Wang, Philip (PWang@NJAOST.ML.com)
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 15:30:16 -0500

I just found out that my redhat40 UDBs don't recognize my 4gb Fujitsu
external Hard drive at the boot time.

I connected the same external scsi hard drive to my Compaq running
Windows NT, no problem. I can partition, format, and copy files to it. I
connect it to my 486 PC running windows 95, no problem too.

But as soon as I connect it to my two UDBs, neither one will be able to
see the hard drive at the boot time. I originally think I can fdisk
/dev/sdb. But sure I can't because it never sees the hard drive. Could
it be my scsi cable of not high quality? Or I have to re-install the
Redhat linux?

Please advise.


Philip Wang


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