Re: RH 3.0.3 and color-ls ... how?
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 10:04:27 -0500

>>> Mihaly HOMONNAI said:
> I just installed RH4.0 on my UDB, and inserted the eval `dircolors
> /etc/DIR_COLORS` to the end of /etc/profile, and rebooted the machine.
> It seeme not to work for me. :-(

The setup for color-ls is different in 4.0 than in 3.0.3; you no longer get
an "ls" alias defined. Mine is simply "alias ls='/bin/ls -aF --color'", and
I still do "eval `dircolors`" which sets up LS_COLORS which I think is still

> To install the TGA X server do i need to install a dumb X(ATI, or S3, or
> sg.) X server, and then copy the TGA X to the apropriate place?

Yeah, I always pick Mach64 for some reason, then install by hand from
/cdrom/X directory. Pick the EV4 version for your UDB, please... :-)


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