Re: installing MILO on UDB, RedHat 2.018

Robin Stephenson (
13 Nov 1996 10:51:01 +0000

>>>>> "Maurice" == Maurice Hilarius <> wrote:

Maurice> The fact is that the preferred way to make the UDB
Maurice> self-booting is to put a small (1440K) partition on your hard
Maurice> drive, set to type 4 (MSDOS) and copy milo and linload to it
Maurice> using dd.

Is it possible to add an MS-DOS partition to the drive without having
to backup/restore everything on it? I've currently got a rather full
300Mb sd1 partition and a 40Mb sd2 as swap - would it be possible to
claw back 1.44Mb of the swap space to use for the MS-DOS partition?
I'm a bit peeved to have to use anything DOS-like at all, to be
Thanks for the advice, all of you, incidentally: this mailing list
has one of the best s/n ratios I've ever seen.

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