Re: First Tiem Jensen Install

Michael Schwingen (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 15:16:54 +0000 (WET)

> I tried a RedHat install. Firstly, I have no swap partitioned.
> In the fdisk menu it will not let me do anything until I set heads
> sectors and cylinders from the extra functions menu.

f you read the Jensen install docs at, you will notice that
the drive needs to have an BSD disklabel. Furthermore, you must partition
*before* installing aboot+kernel, so usually you will do this using Jim's
arc-based tools and skip the partitioning process during the RedHat install
as this would delete your bootstrap code.

> Next when I am in the menus it cannot find the probe
> program, so no network card, so no linux!

What probe program?

My kernel detects the NE2000 card, and I can do a NFS based install. What
exactly are you trying to do? NFS, CDROM or disk based install?

> Says something like "I cannot run /bin/insmod: no such file or
> directory"

What kernel are you using?

If you have an NE2000, WD8003 or clone, you could use the kernel from
the jensen directlry on - this needs no modules but has
everything built-in.


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