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Eric Smith (
13 Nov 1996 07:07:16 -0000

Brad Henry <> wrote:
> I have a 166 UDB running rh alpha 3.0.3 and have a couple of questions..
> 1. Will i have any trouble using the pcmcia slots in my machine? i'm

With 3.0.3, you may have to rebuild the modules package due to a problem
with /usr/include/bfd.h. Two different packages include different bfd.h
files, and the modules binary RPM was built against the wrong one. The
symptom is that insmod dumps core. Once I rebuilt insmod I was able to use
two different Megahertz modem cards without any trouble.

I've not yet managed to get any other kind of PCMCIA card to work. I've
tried a New Media Bus Toaster SCSI card and an IBM Home and Away combo
modem/ethernet card. At least the modem part of the IBM card does work.
I've been trying to fix the drivers, but I haven't gotten anywhere yet.

Don't upgrade to RH 4.0 if you want to use PCMCIA! RH 4.0 uses glibc,
which means many of the header files are different, and the PCMCIA package
will not build. It looked to me like it was going to take quite a bit of
effort to fix things up, and I haven't had time to try.


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