RE: First Tiem Jensen Install
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 09:00:56 +0000

Hi all,

This is actually a reply to Marki Rafn, but it also involves about
several other people.

Slackware doesn't have an Alpha version :(

I was getting confused with a machine I already have up and running
using slackware (which is intel). It has binaries and kernals for
alpha, but those are under the Linux.2.0 directories so its not
slackware at all.....

ok I am with it now....

So I need to get RedHat4.0. This needed a ROM downgrading, which I
have done its now back to the swingin 93s and aboot gives a prompt.

I tried a RedHat install. Firstly, I have no swap partitioned.
In the fdisk menu it will not let me do anything until I set heads
sectors and cylinders from the extra functions menu.

I skipped that..

Next when I am in the menus it cannot find the probe
program, so no network card, so no linux!

Says something like "I cannot run /bin/insmod: no such file or



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