Redhat 4.0 install pronlem on UDB

Mike Loseke (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 09:00:45 -0700 (MST)

I'm having a little trouble during the install. When I boot from the
CD and go through the first few screens it will lock up when it tries
to initialize the swap space. If I try to skip the swap space, it will
lock up on the first filesystem that it tries to create. This is
identical to what happens if I use the same CD images on floppies.
I'm also using the milo image (2.0.18) that came on the CD, although
the loadlin is a little older.

So, I went to the Redhat site and found the newer ramdisk.img that
made some reference to UDB's not recognizing filesystems. When I
go through the install using this image, it will reboot about 1 second
after starting to initialize the swap space. It will also lock the
machine if swap is skipped and a filesystem is attempted to be formatted.

My machine is a VX42B-F2, 233MHz UDB, with 88MB RAM. I have the 518MB
drive that came with it and an external toshiba CD-ROM. The only other
difference is that I have a #9 video card in it -- but that just means
that I have to boot with two heads until I can compile a new kernel.
(I don't have to, but I can, so there. ;)

       Mike Loseke        |
   System Administrator   | You gotta love IBM. It's kinda like watching
  Verinet Communications  | a wiener dog with no legs thrash about.     |                               -- Mike Loseke

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