Re: Multia UDB Hardware Questions

Charles M. Richmond (
Tue, 12 Nov 96 10:03:37 -0500

>I should be receiving shortly a stripped UDB with no memory or
>hard drive. I would like to purchase 2 16MB or 4 16 MB SIMMs
>but am still a little consfused as to what specs I should look
>for. Do I want the same ECC memory that would work in a
>Compaq Proliant? Can I use parity RAM (but not ECC) SIMMs?

Industry standard 16M true parity SIMMS (4x36) will work just fine and
should be available at the typical pc-clone storefront for somewhere
between $110 and $140 each. Not knowing what the Compaq takes, I do not
know if those are the same. There is no point to buying "ECC" RAMS. One
of the nice features of 64bit memory is that the ECC algorithm only needs
8 bits of ECC for 64 bits of memory and that is the same as the number
required for parity. For smaller memory accesses the ratio is greater
than one bit per byte. The UDB will recognise and test the RAM but there
is a non-zero chance that MILO and vmlinux.gz will not (-: !

Thus from the MILO prompt, I do a 'setenv MEMSIZE 56' on this system as
it has 2x12M SIMMS and 2x16M SIMMS. There probably is an easier way to
do this but I haven't had the time to dig through all of the available

If I may offer a bit of unsolicited advice... The 233 UDBs that I have
dealt with, run quite hot. While it is certainly possible to put an
internal 3.5' drive, I would hesitate before putting in a >1.5G drive.
The remaining UDB that I have , has an external 3G drive (in a recycled
TK50 chassis) which is able to negotiate an 8.5M synchronous connection.

My ToDo list:
A. Actually build a kernel (1st get/apply axp-diffs?)
1. Maybe even fix some unalligns.

B. Coax XF86Config to run the screen at 1280x1024x8bpp

C. See if I can install NT4.0 onto an sdb (ext drive) partition.

But all of this is on hold. I have only this week left to fix OSF/1
bugs before my contract is up and the code freezes, so it will be
OSF/1 libs+cmds+kernel that I will work on, for now. (-:


PS If someone wants to hire a consultant/contractor who has worked on
SysV/BSD/OSF for the past 15 years ... My window of availability is
probably only today & tomorrow. Nihon de hataraku kotomo kanou desu.
Also available for contracts in the EU. (Brit. citizen / Jpn spouse)

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