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Woodstock (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 08:54:40 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Scott Serr wrote:

> Assuming that I know how to compile a kernel etc... How do I get
> to 2.0.25 from 2.0.18? Do I need axp-diffs? Where do I get

I've never gotten a kernel to compile _without_ the axp-diffs

> them if I do? Do I have to use the patches? I rather keep the
> 2.0.18 kernel source prestine so RPM doesn't freak out.

I'm beginning to think that people put too much faith and trust in Red
Hat's RPMs. Yeah, they're all good and easy to install, and remove. But
the kernel is the one thing that really doesn't need the RPMs. (Just the
kernel headers). Since the kernel goes in only one place, installing it
as an RPM isn't necessary. And Red Hat takes forever to put out new
kernel source as an RPM.

> PS- I've tried with a brand new 2.0.25 directory with no "axp-diffs"
> and I have /usr/src/linux pointing to it, but I get this error
> when I make menuconfig:
> rm -f include/asm
> ( cd include ; ln -sf asm-i386 asm)
Try changing the ARCH line in the Makefile to alpha, not i386, bud
axp-diffs will do this and a couple of other things for you. -Woody! SysAdmin of WoodyNet!
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