Re: installing MILO on UDB, RedHat 2.018

David A Rusling (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 10:06:26 GMT

MILO does not go into a boot block (personally I think
that loaders should be a tad more clever than that). It goes onto
an MSDOS/NTFS partition. One that the Windows NT ARC firmware can
read. The MILO HOWTO gives you an example set up but it goes some
like (from memory):

(1) Get to the 'set up the system ARC menu'
(2) Go to the 'set up boot options ARC menu'
(3) Choose 'add new boot option' and it will ask you questions
and prompt you with answers.
(4) Use the 'check boot option' menu to do a basic check for the
existance of files...


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