First Time Jenson Trouble :)
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 16:06:41 +0000


I knew I would have problems... :)

I did as the instructions said, and I cannot boot anything at all
from >>>.

I re-did it but when running copyboot I put in Jensen disk and copied
from that (It doesn't say you have to do that) it just said

Source is typically (this) and destination is typically (that) and
so forth.

yeah ok. So I put in jensen boot disk, copied its image and when I
rebooted and did the boot -fl install dka0 all went well.

It asks me for the ramdisk.. I tried my slackware one from i386...
nope "cannot mount fs on 1:00 or 3:00" cant remember.

So I tried the ramdisk.img from gatekeeper.... end_request errors
everywhere..... so I am stuck.....

The Alpha is running with Firmware Update V3.7 is this my problem.??
Firmware.... I don't think so... I am just not doing it right!



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