Re: Ports -> Alpha

Michael K. Johnson (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 19:03:17 -0500

David Mosberger writes:
>itself seems to build and work fine on the Alpha. The main problem
>appears to be that the GIMP protocol for plug-ins is not 64 bit clean
>(or at least all the plug-ins that I tried seem to have this problem).
>I plan on looking into this eventually, but have some other things to
>do before that. I'll try to contact the two main-authors of GIMP and
>see whether an account to a nice & fast Alpha could accelerate this

You might want to try to get this started soon, since they are talking
about re-vamping the protocol, and it would be nice if they don't
have to do that too many times. As long as they know what the issues
are, they can take that into account...


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