Re: eb164 63 MB limit?

Mike Cruse (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 11:21:41 -0800

Hi again,

after weekend of experimenting I now have some
definitive empirical evidence of why my machine fails to
run reliably. This imformation applies to milo versions
2.0.12/18/22. Using any of these versions my machine always
hangs. If I do 'setenv MEMORY_SIZE 63' they all work and in
fact my machine has not generated a single Oops! since I last
installed. This is good. I really would like to use the other
half of my 128 Megs but at least with 63 Megs I have a computer
rather than a boat anchor.

All Milos report 128 Megs and my machine always fails if I
try to use it. I read elsewhere on this list that this might be
related to the version of a particular eeprom on the mother
board. I thought U12 was mentioned. My U12 has a version number
of DAF2. The chip is a Xilinx 17128dpc.

Does anybody have any definitive information regarding this?

At least my machine is running now.


Mike Cruse.

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