Lus paa tjaerekost (or molasses in january)

Johan Grape (
Fri, 11 Nov 116 03:51:49 -0700 (MST)

System: Aspen durango 433MHz (PC164) 128Megs RAM
Quantum XP.. 2gig

building a 2.0.18 kernel w/ basic networking and
SCSI driver and most features as modules.

time make vmlinux
292.92user 28.65system 5:52.94elapsed

This is really disappointing. And the time does *not*
improve with second make on an idle system (most
files cached).

AFAIK this compares to a 200MHz Cyrix or Pentium.

Is this typical, or do I have some problem with my setup?


Johan A. Grape, Ph.D.	      Office: (603) 646-3763
Research Associate
Thayer School of Engineering       
Dartmouth College		"The more things change,  
Hanover, NH 03755	           the more they stay insane"

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