Re: Adding video card to UDB

Stephen J. Gaudet (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 09:51:46 -0500 (EST)

Hello Tin

>I'mnot very happy with the 8-bit TGA that came with my UDB, so I'm
>thinking of using the PCI slot for a second video card. I'd like to hear
>from people who have done this, and their experiences, problems, XFree
>compatibility, recomendations etc. Thanks,

For the most part all you can use is anything thats S3 based 764, 964, and
968. Diamond has a card the Video 3200 series with 2mb vram that just fits
in the open PCI slot. Now using 4mb vram hits the floppy and won't work
unless you pull the floppy or make the nessary changes.

With 2mb vram best you can get is 16-bit at 1024x768. Also watch out for a
Trio 765 card, they don't work. I've had two people get them and wouldn't work.


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