Re: windows 95 keyboard

Jim Paradis (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 00:10:07 -0500 (EST)

> Am I correct in assuming that a windows 95 keyboard will work ok with my
> udb? I don't care if the windows key does anything or not, I just wanted
> to make sure that in adding that key the folks at microsoft didn't do
> anything that would cause me to not be able to use it. Win 95 keyboards
> seem to be the only cheap keyboard that the stores around here have.

FWIW, I'm using a Win95 keyboard on a Linux/Intel box no problem...
The keyboards are electrically identical to good old-fashioned AT
or PS/2 keyboards, they just have the funky Windows key (which I
*still* want to find some use for under Linux... maybe have the
left Windows key fire up Wine, and the right windows key fire up
Executor 8-) )

I think it'll work on your UDB just fine.

Jim Paradis (        "It's not procrastination, 
Digital Equipment Corporation		       it's my new Just-In-Time 
(508)952-4047				       Workload Management System!"

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