Re: windows 95 keyboard

Huw Davies (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 15:40:34 +1100

At 10:07 PM 11/10/96 -0600, Adam Forsyth wrote:
>Am I correct in assuming that a windows 95 keyboard will work ok with my
>udb? I don't care if the windows key does anything or not, I just wanted
>to make sure that in adding that key the folks at microsoft didn't do
>anything that would cause me to not be able to use it. Win 95 keyboards
>seem to be the only cheap keyboard that the stores around here have.

My Win 95 keyboard is one of the many things I've got working with my UDB.
So much is working that it's time to upgrade to RedHat version 4 so that
I've got something to work on at nights :-)

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