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Nicholas Alexander Bastin (nbastin@bgnet.bgsu.edu)
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 14:10:41 -0500 (EST)

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Ok....I've got a littel problem here...I need to know if a certain monitor
will work on my system or not, and the manual really isn't helping...I
have a 233 Mhz UDB with standard video...ok...here goes for the specs on
the monitor:

* 1280x1024 resolution (I know this'll work)
* 20 Khz to 50 Khz Multiscan frequencies (this is where the hangup is...)

Ok, the manual says 60 to 75 Hz refresh, but that would only apply if the
above were a typo... I've got my monitor right now set up at a
VertRefresh of 50-90 and it works fine...(20-50 seems awfully low for
refresh anyhow...<g>) But if that really is HorizSync, will it work? My
HorizSync right now is set to 31.5-64.0...this sounds like it should work,
but I'm a little cautious here with my new baby..<g>...AND...(I know very
little about this next part, which could be a problem...)

* TTL/Analog Inputs

Now, I'm assuming this means that there's 4 or 5 BNC connectors on the
back of this thing, which would make it like our XTerm monitors, which
work fine on this machine, but i don't know enough to be sure...

Any help would be much appreciated...

Nick Bastin


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