Re: Networking AXP Linux and NT 4.0 Beta 2

Michal Jaegermann (
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 11:35:32 -0700 (MST)

> Internet masquerading is used to attach the Linux Alpha's modem/internet
> to the NT. NT's MS Internet Explorere Browser works fine.
> I was advised to look into Samba for a file server. After reading the
> info loaded on Linux, as well as on web pages, I donot have a clear mind
> as tow how to setup Samba!

Follow docs, use a minimal sample configuration for a start, as provided
with Samba sources. Make sure that you either listen through inetd
on relevant ports (check /etc/inetd.conf) or you run smbd and nmbd as
stand-alone daemons; but NOT both methods at once. Other possible
gotcha - you have already /etc/inetd.conf entries but they point to
wrong executables.

On NT side you have already TCP/IP turned on as otherwise masquerading
would not work, so there is not much you have to do. You may want to
point NT to your Samba box as WINS server, but make sure that DNS is
in use as well.

Seems to be much simpler than what you have done so far. Reading These
Fine Manuals helps a lot.

For operations with NT I would use the current Samba release (1.9.16p9)
and with a password encryption as well. I do not know what you have on
hand, but if this is from a CD then likely it is quite a bit older.


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