32 MB SIMM problem: SOLVED

Joshua M. Thompson (invid@optera.com)
Sat, 9 Nov 1996 01:11:34 -0500 (EST)

Well thanks everyone for your help; I finally have our news server running
back at 128 MB. I did four things to the machine today:

o Installed a BusLogic BT958 wide SCSI card for the RAID array
o Built a new 2.0.24 kernel for said BusLogic card
o Built a new MILO to get rid of the annoying serial port echo
(yes, I got MILO to build this time around :-) )
o Upgraded the UDB's firmware to v3.8 using the udbupd38.img diskette

Now I'm happily running again (well, I have had _one_ correctable ECC
error, which could be a real bad SIMM at this point, but this is better
than hundred of nonexistant memory errors!). I can't be 100% sure which
thing I did fixed the problem, but I suspect it's that firmware upgrade.
My UDB's firmware was quite old (circa Dec '94 or so).

As a side note I _am_ still running completely off the internal NCR SCSI;
I'm having a few problems with the wide card yet (but that's something I'm
going to fool with on Monday). This just means it wasn't the NCR driver
like I was suspecting earlier today.

invid@optera.com             | We are Grey
http://www.optera.com/~invid | We stand between the Candle and the Star
                             | Between the Darkness and the Light

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