Re: eb164 RH 4.0

Bernd (
Sat, 9 Nov 1996 12:37:13 +1100 (EST)

>> Hi,
>> I posted recently about my RH 4.0 installation problems on my eb164
>> machine. Basically any large amount of disk activity would hang the
>> machine completely. My machine consists of the following:
>> I read somewhere on this list that you should use the version of milo
>> that comes with Redhat or expect problems. I couldn't find milo anywhere
>> on Not even in the distribution that I downloaded.

Hmmm --- I just checked, there is a "milo" directory right in the root
of the CD, with subdirectories for all the supported machine types. And
as I said before: I had the same sort of trouble until I used the milo
from the CD.

If you want me to mail an eb164 milo to you, just send me mail which file[s]
you need, and I'll mail them over.

At the time, I was happy enough to get something installed at all on that
machine, and basically put this strange effect down to "must be different
PAL code in there" --- and my PC164 has been working pretty well with this
milo, so I am not about to mess around with it (I've 10 days uptime right
now, with heavy work going on all the time, and the machine swapping itself
to death for the last 18 hours or so ;-).


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