Re: eb164 63 MB limit?

Maurice Hilarius (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 18:45:46 -0700

At 05:56 hrs. 11-08-96 -0600, you wrote:
>Well, reading through the deluge of mail on this list, I think that I have made
>a (dissapointing) realization.
>63 MB is really the limit with my eb164 and RedHat Linux.
>Also, of course, / and /usr must be on the same partition. (4.0 bug)
>Also, I have found a 2.0.22 milo on gatekeeper:
> (I think)
>I am reinstalling now with no apparent problems with milo configured to 63 MB.
>Just moments ago, with 128 MB set as MEMORY_SIZE (in milo..) mkswap crashed,
>then later, (with swap ignored for the meanwhile) the installer crashed while
>unpacking the xf86 package.
>Well, I'll run like this for a while, hopefully I can build a kernel that will
>support 128 MB -- PLEASE, though, if anybody knows anything about this
>disturbing aspect of Linux, let me (us?) know.
Honestly Rolf. There is _no_ 64 MB limit. This is being caused by something

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