Re: Whoops on an EB164 - Help!

Eric Smith (
9 Nov 1996 00:08:52 -0000

Maurice Hilarius <> wrote:
> Anyone recognise this one?
> Running an EB164 with 256MB, NCR53c810, kernel 2.0.14, originally installed
> off of RedHat 303.
> On accessing filesystem I (very) often am getting the following:
> CIA machine check reason unknown (0x311548)
> then:
> Whoops: unlock_buffer: async io complete on unlocked page
> This is repeated 7 times.
> Then it is frozen
> Anyone able to point me in right direction?

Yes, this is one of the same errors I get on the UDB running newer kernels
(except, or course, that I get LCA machine checks instead of CIA).
The fix is to upgrade your kernel to 1.3.90, which is much more stable.
Wish I knew what caused it though.


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