Re: Follow up to problem with 32 MB SIMMs on UDB (Repost)
Fri, 08 Nov 1996 15:27:49 -0500

>>> "Joshua M. Thompson" said:
> For those who didn't see my original post; my DEC Universal Desktop Box
> will not work correctly with 32 MB SIMMs installed (either two or four of
> them). Changing motherboards and SIMMs does not help.
> Today I managed to actually get some of the error messages logged. They're
> quite interesting. At first I thought it might be the Adaptec 2940 card,
> so I took that out of the system. Unfortunately the errors still occured.
> Just for kicks today I tried changing out the entire machine (well except
> for the four 32 MB SIMMs, which I don't have spares for off hand). Same
> result. Finally I gave up and put the machine back up with four 8 MB
> SIMMs, and it's been perfectly stable ever since (Albeit quite slow -- a
> 32 meg news server just isn't a good idea).
> Anyway, here is a short dump of the logs (the full log goes on hundreds
> of lines with the same error over and over). Maybe some gurus out there
> can make sense of this:
> Nov 5 19:26:55 server5 kernel: lca: machine check (la=0xfffffc00002084d0,p
> c=0xfffffc0000448e8c)
> Nov 5 19:26:55 server5 kernel: Reason: access to non-existent memory (lo
> ng frame):

Problems like this are sometimes related to an early SROM revision. The SROM
is an onboard, non_FLASHable ROM that does most memory-related setup during
power on startup. Things such as memory sizing and the like. Early revs of
the SROM may not handle new, larger memory SIMMs correctly for some
reason. See if there's any way your vendor or DEC Field Service could get
you an update.


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