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Rolf Karlstad (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 14:26:23 -0600 (CST)

I am going to include this entire message because it is SO relevant.

> Hi,
> I posted recently about my RH 4.0 installation problems on my eb164
> machine. Basically any large amount of disk activity would hang the
> machine completely. My machine consists of the following:
> 333Mhz eb164 board
> 128 Megs of ram
> 2 Megs cache
> ncr 53c825 fast wide scsi controller
> Quantum XP34300 Gig fast wide scsi drive
> Diamond S3 video

me: 300 mhz eb164
128 MB RAM
2 MB cache
ncr 53c810 scsi
2 x quantum XP 34300 fast scsi 2 (non-wide)
trio s3 video

1. I wonder if we have too much (?) RAM
2. I wonder if our Atlas drives are incompatible with RedHat somehow
3. I need help! :)

> At first the machine would hang during mkswap. After reducing the swap
> size from 64 Megs to 32 Megs I would sometimes get through the the
> mke2fs step or less frequently to the first large package install.
> However the results were the same. Complete hang, no messages on any
> console. Not that console switching was working, I just tried everything
> I could. I was using Milo 2.0.18 with a matching kernel from the Redhat
> distribution (which I downloaded). I have the CD on order so I can try
> that too.

Yep, everything except the part about having the CD on order, since I have
recieved NO REPLY at all to my continued requests for help, I plan to give
NOT A SINGLE PENNY to redhat ever again.

first, (this is during 3.0.3 and 4.0 installs) mkswap fails.
then, I test with a 40 MB file, you know, copy between partitions, drives,
whatever. unfortunately, the last time I did a test (which was a half hour ago)
it resulted in a (get this) 'bus error', and then (this is even better)
tcsh had a 'out of memory' error, and any virtual consoles sort of collapsed on
themselves... THEN, I got the old looping video bios to black repetition cycle
when I manually rebooted...(this is instead of the SRM... unplugging the
keyboard seems to clear this up.) THEN, when I booted milo, SRM explained that
it was 'jumping to bootstrap code' then hung. repeated attempts resulted in
same. this made me decide to reinstall. (why) with ARC+bootdisks, and it
totally flaked. I got a kernel panic, followed by a bogus address, then a total
hang (I'm quite used to the total hangs by now, thanks) Grr.

> I read somewhere on this list that you should use the version of milo
> that comes with Redhat or expect problems. I couldn't find milo anywhere
> on Not even in the distribution that I downloaded. Maybe
> I overlooked it but find . -iname "*milo*" didn't reveal anything.
> I ended up getting a different milo from DEC. Version numbers in the
> names or in the READ.ME would help a little. Upon booting it I found
> that it was 2.0.12. Since I didn't have any better ideas I gave it a
> shot. I was very surprised when it worked. At least until about 75% of
> the way through the nfs install. With renewed vigour I plugged my Jaz
> drive into the Alpha and successfully completed a hard drive partition
> install (ftp install failed miserably). I was happy, confused but happy.

and I have looked for the 'latest and greatest' MILO, only found 2.0.12.

> Things went fine for a while (Hours) it seemed but then I started
> getting (or perhaps just started to notice) kernel paging faults.
> i.e. Unable to handle kernel paging request at f26539db2fa40d7a
> Oops 0 (An actual address)
> ...
> The Machine would survive some of these for a while but eventually die,
> though console switching still worked this time.
> I'm pretty sure that I don't have any hardware problems. RH 3.0.3 was
> running reliably for several months.
hmm, this confuses me, as redhat 3.0.3 was brain-dead, as well, with all kinds
of bogus addresses like the one above (f256539db2fa40d7a what the hell is this)
resulting in me 'upgrading' to another flaked out redhat....
> Has any body else had problems with milo 2.0.18? Why does it matter
> which milo I use once the real kernel is running?

I guess that would be me, but I have heard that 2.0.18 should be quite stable.

> Where can I get the latest milo binary for an eb164. I'd try building on
> myself but there's that chicken and egg thing.
> Do the milo and kernel versions have to match?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Mike Cruse
> Conservation Through Innovation

Please, any help would be really great,

Rolf Karlstad
University of Minnesota

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