eb164 RH 4.0

Mike Cruse (mcruse@cti-ltd.com)
Sat, 09 Nov 1996 11:40:57 -0800


I posted recently about my RH 4.0 installation problems on my eb164
machine. Basically any large amount of disk activity would hang the
machine completely. My machine consists of the following:

333Mhz eb164 board
128 Megs of ram
2 Megs cache
ncr 53c825 fast wide scsi controller
Quantum XP34300 Gig fast wide scsi drive
Diamond S3 video

At first the machine would hang during mkswap. After reducing the swap
size from 64 Megs to 32 Megs I would sometimes get through the the
mke2fs step or less frequently to the first large package install.
However the results were the same. Complete hang, no messages on any
console. Not that console switching was working, I just tried everything
I could. I was using Milo 2.0.18 with a matching kernel from the Redhat
distribution (which I downloaded). I have the CD on order so I can try
that too.

I read somewhere on this list that you should use the version of milo
that comes with Redhat or expect problems. I couldn't find milo anywhere
on ftp.redhat.com. Not even in the distribution that I downloaded. Maybe
I overlooked it but find . -iname "*milo*" didn't reveal anything.
I ended up getting a different milo from DEC. Version numbers in the
names or in the READ.ME would help a little. Upon booting it I found
that it was 2.0.12. Since I didn't have any better ideas I gave it a
shot. I was very surprised when it worked. At least until about 75% of
the way through the nfs install. With renewed vigour I plugged my Jaz
drive into the Alpha and successfully completed a hard drive partition
install (ftp install failed miserably). I was happy, confused but happy.

Things went fine for a while (Hours) it seemed but then I started
getting (or perhaps just started to notice) kernel paging faults.

i.e. Unable to handle kernel paging request at f26539db2fa40d7a
Oops 0 (An actual address)

The Machine would survive some of these for a while but eventually die,
though console switching still worked this time.

I'm pretty sure that I don't have any hardware problems. RH 3.0.3 was
running reliably for several months.

Has any body else had problems with milo 2.0.18? Why does it matter
which milo I use once the real kernel is running?

Where can I get the latest milo binary for an eb164. I'd try building on
myself but there's that chicken and egg thing.

Do the milo and kernel versions have to match?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mike Cruse
Conservation Through Innovation

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