Re: Big Broken Kernel

Laurent Bartholdi (
Fri, 08 Nov 1996 15:51:24 +0100

Marc Singer wrote:
> > make dep clean boot
> >
> > Will do this for me. I get a LARGE kernel image even after I compress
> > it manually 6MB -> 2.5MB then I try to boot off of it. This is more
> > than 4 times larger that the one that comes with RedHat. And then
> > after loading the image the machine says... "not a kernel image --
> > system halted" or something to that effect.

I had some trouble with this too: the kernel does not get booted because
the loader reports 'unknown compressed format'.
The solution I found (through luck) was to strip the kernel image
before zipping it.
Then later I found the unix command quickstrip(1) that seems to
be designed to do the kernel stripping. I haven't tried yet, but
I suppose the loader can't handle the large symbol tables associated
to a kernel with debug info.

*perhaps* this sould be stressed somewhere.
be happy,

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