Re: 3.5 inch drive [axp-list]

Matthew X Economou (
07 Nov 1996 23:08:46 -0500

>>>>> "SJG" == Stephen J Gaudet <> writes:

SJG> SCSI narrow as Maurice suggests. This would also work coming
SJG> out of the back external port on the card. However, depending
SJG> on how you made such a connection it may defeat the purpose
SJG> of going Wide in the first place. You would have to do
SJG> something like this:

SJG> UDB Wide---->Wide Disk--->reduction to SCSI-2---->CD-Rom or
SJG> SCSI-2 device

SJG> Anyone want the source for the paddle cards?

Sure! (Do me a favor though: When you send it over, include
"axp-list" in the subject line, so my mail software will sort it
properly [for archival].) Thank you!.

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"The one good thing about repeating mistakes is you know when to cringe."
 -- D. Joseph Creighton in alt.sysadmin.recovery

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