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David Rudder (
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 13:12:32 -0800 (PST)

I am brand new to this list, so I thought I'd introduce myself
and ask a couple of burning questions. first, the introduction.

My name is Dave, I've been a Linux user since 1.1.52 (or round
about). I'm a programmer by trade, working on an email package done in
Java. I'm writing the S/MIME stuff.
I am not even in the AXP owners community yet, but will be in a
few weeks. I just won an AlphaServer 1000 through DEC's Rule The
Internet contest.
My plans for a net connection for the beastie are still being
made, but rest assured I will be giving out accounts to all who ask (via
my email...please don't post requests to this mailing list). I'd also
be open to giving physical access to a couple Linux/Alpha developers in
the Bay Area to do shutdowns, etc. Also email me.

Okay, onto my questions. I've read the FAQ and these don't seem
to be covered. I looked in the mailing list archives, but there was only
8 messages, all on one thread (and the server took a couple of minutes to
respond to each click). So, please forgive me if I repeat topics that
have already been discussed.

Linux specific:
1) Can I run Linux/x86 binaries on a Linux/Alpha box?
2) Can I run Digital Unix binaries on a Linux/Alpha box?
2a) If so, can I use Digital Unix shared libraries? (Motif?!?)
3) Is there going to be a Linux/Alpha booth at this Monday's DECUS? (I
got free tickets so they can announce my winning)
4) As far as OS and device driver programmig goes, I'm strictly newbie,
but, aside from providing accounts, is there anything I can help on?

Non-Linux specific (please ignore any you don't feel like answering)
1) The 266 that comes with the AlphaServer has a 64bit data bus and a
128bit memory bus, right?
2) Does DOOM run on it (I'll have Digital Unix, Windows NT, OpenVMS and
Linux)? How about Quake? Abuse?


I got a coffee mug from Cray Research when they moved out. Now I can
drink my coffee while doing 63 other, unrelated tasks.

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