Enhancing my UDBs

Wang, Philip (PWang@NJAOST.ML.com)
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 12:09:49 -0500

I have two UDBs which has 340mb and 540 mb internal 2.5inch hard drives
and I am looking for the solutions to enhance those UDBs.

A few questions:

(to add a SCSI card( a short one is required, fast wide or ultra wide
for IBM low priced ones is preferred):
- Which SCSI card is proved working with UDB and Redhat Linux(4.0)?

(or to replace the internal 2.5in drive with a 3.5 one)
- Where can I find the internal bracket for 3.5 inch hard drive to
replace 2.5inch slow one? How much it cost?

(to utilizing the internal IDE connector):
- Any information or development on this? Can I pull an IDE cable to an
external IDE hard drive box (if there is such a box).

(to use ISDN on UDB)
- I was told the external ISDN device I am using is like an router,
which is connected to my PC's ethernet port right now. I wonder if I use
an ethernet hub connecting multiple UDBs and PCs to the hub and then
from hub connecting to ISDN line I can wire all my computer devices to
the world with a 128K line. The question is: Does Linux on UDB/alpha has
good ISDN support? Will this method work?

(to add more memory to UDBs)
- How much memory needed for UDB running Linux? I have 24mb each now.

(to find a X web browser)
- Where can I find compiled executable binary for Mosaic for Redhat
4.0(elf I guess) or other web browsers?


Philip Wang

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