Re: eb164 redhat 4.0 (3.0.3 as well)

Robert G. Smith (
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 11:39:57 -0500

> Jay A Estabrook said:
> > >>> Rolf Karlstad said:
> >
> > occaisionally, the SRM console refuses to initialize, it keeps showing the
> > video BIOS screen, going black, then repeating. If I power down and unplug
> > the keyboard, the SRM will boot to the serial console just fine. As if by
> > magic, this problem can clear up for days, then manifest iteself again.
> This really sounds like a hardware problem which has existed since the
> start and is now growing worse.
I had a similar problem recently on my EB164, where the BIOS boot
repeated in a similar way. It turned out to be a flaky 3.3V
power supply. All other voltages were OK, but the 3.3 volt line
was at 2.6 volts. I had never experienced this kind of problem
before so I didn't check closely the 3.3V line at first. The
vendor supplied me with a replacement which immediately fixed the

> > a) redhat Linux is awful on an Alpha
> Any chance you might be able to try RH 4.0, or at least a later kernel?
> EB164 support was still a bit unstable around the 3.0.3 (kernel 1.3.90)
> release...
I've had the best luck with the 2.1.1 kernel. The 2.0.{23,24} series
seem to crash after running X for a few hours. Newer kernels seem
not to work as well (haven't tried 2.1.7 yet...).

Rob Smith

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